Cohabitation – Version 0.88 – Update

Release date: 9 June 2018
Genre: RPG, 3DCG, Sim, Big Tits, Training, Voyeur, Corruption, Spy, Pervert, Uncle-Niece
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 263 MB



This is a game I’ve been tinkering with on and off for the past few months. It’s a raising / corruption sim with 3D images made using Illusion’s HoneySelect. You play as Calvin who now lives with his niece Megan, and the goal is to corrupt her. It’s a fairly modest game. While it’s technically an RPG Maker MV game it plays nothing like a regular RPG as it is pretty much purely menu based with a point-and-click system.

Changelog 0.88:

What’s New:
– After you’ve seen Susan’s thigh sex event and have her corruption at 600 a new event will play during the Early Morning period when Calvin first wakes up.

– After the above, drug Susan three more times, which should trigger a new event in Calvin & Megan’s room during the Noon period (when Megan’s watching TV). After that call up Susan for a new event. You’ll get a choice between a new blowjob or titfuck event.

– Once the above is done when you call Susan again yet another new event will play out, finally leading to sex.

– Lastly once all the above is complete whenever you call Susan again you’ll be given the choice between sex or the aforementioned blowjob and titfuck events

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38 thoughts on “Cohabitation – Version 0.88 – Update

  1. Could you link the creator’s Patreons or websites? Some of these games are hard to find.

    1. you could find most of games here or you can try to find them on google, try “name of the game + patreon”

      1. Dude, just answer it. It’s the least you can do after profiteering from these people. I mean, come on. You uploaded people’s work without permission. And you couldn’t even help them get more patrons.
        Why so selfish?

      1. Then it’s a problem on your end. I right-clicked and opened in a new tab. It works fine.

    1. U get up early in the morning go to stove and cook , put it in to get top Susan!

    1. Oh dearie, dearie me.
      7zip should solve all extraction worries.

      You can even set it as the default application for all known archive types.

  2. how can u use your favor point? is favor point showed in stats? damn im stuck. lewd already 1000 but nothing new

  3. Good day kind sir, may we know the changes of the new patch? thank you

  4. Change log : v0.48

    New since last release:
    – New favor event in the shower plus its repeatable version. To trigger it you need to have seen the oral progression event and have at least 75 favor points.
    – You can now catch Susan (the sister-in-law) taking a shower on the spy cam plus its repeatable version. To trigger this you’ll have to check on the spy cams during the early morning period and have seen Megan washing herself on the spy cam (you’ll probably have to see that again if you’ve already seen it once before this version in order to create the trigger needed).
    – Two new scenes of Megan on the spy cams plus their repeatable versions. The first requires you to have seen the mother’s and have Megan’s lewdness at 200. The second requires you to have seen the former one and have her lewdness at 300.

    Change log : v0.51

    New since last release:
    – Medium lewdness practice kissing event. Available after you’ve seen the oral event.
    – Medium lewdness practice groping event. Also becomes available after the oral event.
    – Handjob progression event and repeatable practice HJ events. To trigger the handjob event you first need to have seen the ‘Masturbate Onto’ progression event, have Megan’s lewdness to 300, and go into Megan & Calvin’s room during the morning period.
    – Full body wash event for Calvin. After you’ve seen the handjob event this will now be the event that plays out when Calvin decides to take a shower.
    – Each new event has about three new pictures for a total of twelve pictures added.

  5. but i’m still have not found how to use those aphrodisiac and egg rotor. lol seems like slow progress here

  6. Wish the guy you play as wasn’t a greasy fat old dude. I hate that trope in these games and in hentai.

    1. I second this. It’s a corruption trope, however.

      But I do agree. What’s wrong with stupidly handsome and fit looking guys that just happen to want to corrupt some big-breasted sexually-repressed hot bit of tail?

    1. CRC errors tend to happen due to errors in the Download itself, not the hosted file.
      Try downloading again and again until it works.

  7. Is this game painfully slow for anyone else? Takes ages to load and Text speed is crazy slow.
    How do I speed it up?

    1. Not for me. Maybe you shouldn’t play this with a toaster.
      RPGMaker MV is still riddled with errors, though. Usually to do with improperly optimised scripting on the developers part.

      Here’s my spec for a comparison (loads in about three seconds and the text speed is fine):
      i5-6600K @ 3.5GHz, 16GB DDR4, Nvidia GTX660 3GB OC and the game is on a slow spin rate (5400RPM) SSHD.
      With that hardware, it runs perfectly.
      Beyond your hardware, I can’t think of any reason why your system has trouble with this game.

    1. Changelog for 0.73 – New blowjob event when watching TV with Megan in her room. You need to have seen the blowjob progression event and have practice it at least once on the bed and have her lewdness at or above 1000.

      – New event with Megan while watching late night TV with the family. You’ll need to have seen the thigh job progression event plus have her lewdness at 1000 or above.

      – Sex progression event. In the afternoon once you’ve seen the thigh sex progression event and her lewdness is at or above 1150 the first part will trigger. Then go buy aphrodisiacs, which should prompt a message from Calvin. After that go cook dinner for Megan in the evening (she’ll be in the kitchen) and the final part will activate. Altogether this is easily the longest event in the game.

      I would recommend making a save before cooking dinner. Right now there isn’t a repeatable version of the sex scene because for the longest I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed after this. The first idea I had was to add in a new mechanic just for this part wherein you have to rebuild your affection with her but it wasn’t very interesting and the more mechanics added the better the chance of me breaking something.

  8. Where is the update for jump the bug. I have the problem that same writting appear and I can´t continue with the scene.

  9. How do you know Susan’s corruption level? On that note, how do you even corrupt her?

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